Specialty Items

Veneer quality select red oak—Select grade sawed out of veneer logs means superb quality; hardly any knots, plus wider and longer than average. Price is the same as regular select grade—$3.85/BF

In addition, we’ve pulled out the Best of the best: Extra Wide Veneer Quality Oak, 12—15 inches wide, $4.35/BF. There is about 120 BF total, and yes, if you buy over 100 BF we’ll drop the price 10%!

Curly Cherry—approx. 36 BF, mostly 6-8 inches wide and 8-10 feet long. Price $8.00/BF, only $6.95/BF if you take it all.

8/4 Birdseye Maple-  1 board, just over 10 BF, price $6.95/BF

We have a variety of extra wide lumber, priced at $0.50 above the regular price- see price page for details.

            Poplar, 4/4 widths 11-14 inches, 5/4 widths 12-19 inches

            Cherry, widths 10-15 inches

            Red Oak, widths 12-15 inches

            Ash, widths up to 17 inches

            Red maple, widths up to 15 inches