Sale Items

Utility grade hardwoods—These kiln dried mixed hardwoods are useful for rustic projects and structural jobs. The pile is mostly cherry, oak, and maple. Priced at $0.50/BF- A HUGE BARGAIN!

Assorted shorts—These are 15-20 inches long, 3 inches and up in width. Great for making jigs, cutting boards and other small projects. We’ve sorted the species and have mostly poplar, red oak, maple, and ash. Sold by weight. Price $0.45/lb

Red maple—wider than average widths, an extra nice batch with lots of heart and sapwood color. Price $3.05/BF

Medium grade sale through the end of February:

            Medium red oak, regular price $2.75/BF, sale price $2.30/BF

            Medium white oak, regular price $2.65/BF, sale price $2.20/BF

            Medium red maple, regular price $1.95/BF, sale price $1.70/BF

Tongue and groove flooring—We had an overrun. The regular price of red oak flooring is $5.60/Sq ft. Sale price is the same as rough oak- $3.85/Sq ft.