Other Services

Custom Kiln Drying
Occasionally we have kiln space for custom drying your lumber. 500 BF minimum quantity; call for available space and current prices.

Milling Services
Face Jointing—flattens one face on every board before surfacing. All lumber distorts to some degree during kiln drying. Commercially surfaced lumber is rarely jointed and is reasonably flat and easy to work with. Jointed lumber is almost perfectly flat and a joy to work with. Jointing reduces cups, bows, and twists, eliminating annoying alignment troubles inherent in “commercially planed” lumber.
Cost: $0.30/BF

Surface 2 Sides—(S2S) turns a rough board into a smooth planed board of even thickness, generally 3/16-1/4″ thinner than the rough board. You can specify the final thickness. If you have your own planer, you can save wear on your planer knives by specifying “hit and miss” surfacing. It costs less, saves on the shipping cost and removes most of the saw marks as well as dust and grit that inevitably accumulates on lumber. S2S cost: $0.30/BF, Hit and miss S2S cost: $.20/BF.

Edge Jointing—straightens 1 edge to make ripping easier. We can’t guarantee that the edge will be suitable for gluing when material is shipped because of the handling in shipping, but we do package the material to protect the edges.
Cost: $0.30/BF