Peter Sieling



16 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. John Garber says:

    Hi this is John Garber. I am wondering if you have a kiln up for hire. And how long Lumber can you put in it. And how you charge for it. Thank you


    1. njtsieling says:

      We have 12/4 basswood. It is 3”” thick and 10” wide, up to 10 ft in length. We can plane for glueing, which is .30/BF.


  2. ralph mcmillion says:

    hello, need 6″x10″x24″ block looks like that will take two 12/4 glued will it be a full 3″ planed? what will be cost of this? Thanks for your time


  3. Russ Chaffee says:

    Do you sell 3x3x38 inch hard maple and or ash ? no knots , straight grain ? Looking for 50-100 (for making baseball bats).
    No, sorry we don’t


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